does weaponskill actually help?

Started 15 Jul 2021
by oldmanukko
in Ask the Team
Thu 15 Jul 2021 3:12 PM by oldmanukko
i'm feeling, no

with a "dex-based" Celt VW before the melee fix and a "str-based" Firbolg after, i was hoping to see more hits land with the decent jump in weaponskill from having 325 str

(yes, it's just a gut feeling here)

but, it still feels like having almost 1800 WS would get through defenses more than it "feels" like it does.

a wishy-washy question. but, i would like to know how much weaponskill actually plays into the combat formula

thx ppl
Thu 15 Jul 2021 3:25 PM by lurker
'Weaponskill' number is just a useless stats for the players to use to visualise stuff.
Its not actually used in any formula.

Skill Spec does have an effect, but its tiny after the soft cap (52) here.
If indeed there is even a bonus after the softcap here? ever?

Attributes will have some impact but again small.

Class has a big impact. Full tanks get 17% pen boost, light tanks 12%, hybrids 6%.
**** These % may be wrong but its something like that.

There may well be some change for you but its not going to be huge.

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