Fix LA for Shadowblades pls

Started 10 Jul 2021
by Nephamael
in Ask the Team
Sat 10 Jul 2021 3:04 AM by Nephamael
Hey Phoenix team, i know you are unbelievably busy right now.

But could you please hurry to fix Left Axe for Shadowblades?

My solo enemies stopped logging in. I want to have them back!

A fix could look like this:

-Doubler (4) Frontal Opener: +5 to hit /-5 defense becomes +10 to hit /+0 defense - same effect, same dmg as now
-Scathing Blade (21) Frontal Followup +10/-10 becomes +10 to hit / +0 defense and dmg goes up (222 at 65 to 240 at 65ish), same effect as now

those 2 changes would probably already do the trick.

-Comeback (18) After-Evade-Opener could use +10 defense (has 0) to it's +10 to hit.

-If you feel very generous you could buff the backchain to do the best dps of the specline to keep things "classic".
The bleed could move to the opener: Snowsquall (39)
and the Followup: Icy Brilliance (44) could get a 50 delve at weaponspeed 3.5?! DD proc

Thanks for caring in advance!
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Sat 10 Jul 2021 11:47 AM by inoeth
exactly and maybe change effects on both styles: 16% ASR is pretty useless since you want to use 21% from pillage or even 30%, so is the follow up snare, i mean for what should that be good anyway?

or plz bring back doublefrost! make it 195-203 dmg, keep hit/def as it is right now, no effect
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Wed 21 Jul 2021 7:25 PM by nono31
Agree with you guys.

I just stop playing mine with styles change .

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