Radar on the Server

Started 28 Jun 2021
by mmartin13
in Ask the Team
Mon 28 Jun 2021 1:13 PM by Forlornhope
If you think someone's using radar or any form of cheating report names and any info you can to the staff. They do look into things like this, far more than any other daoc server including live.
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Mon 28 Jun 2021 3:20 PM by Uthred
If you have any proof for that, feel free to message me or any gamemaster. Best is on Discord. But pls dont start any public naming threads. Yes, you didnt use any names in this thread, but it is not hard to understand who you are talking about.

Im going to close this thread now and maybe keep one thing in mind:

If you start any public accusations like this, it will def not help us find any cheater. Like I said at the beginning: if you have any proof, let us know.
If you start a public thing, people who are cheating will read this too and might get warned this way (I will also edit the first and third post for that reason).
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