Started 15 Jun 2021
by receptivexx
in Ask the Team
Tue 15 Jun 2021 10:15 AM by receptivexx
I sit at 95% loaded without ever getting into the server what am I doing wrong?
Tue 15 Jun 2021 10:16 AM by skipari
do this:

If you have trouble logging in after updating to the latest live version, do the following:

1. open your phoenix daoc folder
2. click the phoenixfixer.exe in that folder
3. click the "downgrade" button
4. start the phoenix launcher again
gruenesschaf wrote:
Sat 10 Apr 2021 3:22 PM
Aside from watching groups fail in the pve instances, a favorite past time of many staff members is to delight in the pain and suffering of playes caused by minor annoyances like this.
Tue 15 Jun 2021 10:26 AM by receptivexx
Thankyou very much for the fast response i feel dumb.

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