tower guards

Started 11 Apr 2023
by Bulwye
in Open Issues

hey guys some times when guards run back to a tower they go under ground or stand very close to wall right next to tower gate and they just stand there they dont attack BG Encmir/Bulwye

Issue Timeline

11 Apr 2023 Bulwye created this issue
15 Apr 2023 gruenesschaf changed the status of this issue from New Issues to Open Issues
Wed 26 Jul 2023 9:26 PM by Lundarian

Noticed that when guards run back to their posts, they don't always reset, they don't always go to the exact spot where they originally stood, occasionally getting their models partially within walls or ledges, and they they become unhittable by melee attacks, though if a hostile pet pathes partially through the wall near them, they become active and attack the pet as intended. I can provide a screenshot of a self-evident case of this bug, just poke me on Discord for it.


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