Warden Blunt style

Started 4 Dec 2023
by jackatom74
in New Issues

Not sure if this has been reported but this morning while leveling a warden i noticed that on my bar there is a follow-up style and the Icon reads Bludgeon but when you use it, the text says you are using impact. It also states that it does a 13 Body damage bleed every 4 seconds for 20 seconds yet my 3.4 damage DA chant is providing more damage than it does. (could be the DA hitting to hard also i guess). DA is adding 9 damage a swing and the Bleed is ticking for 4-5 damage. I will admit this could be working as intended and I just don't understand something else going on, but trying to be proactive and reporting something I see.

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4 Dec 2023 jackatom74 created this issue

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