Unable to Connect - After Character Selection

Started 17 Sep 2023
by Kingofkows
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Good Morning All,

Running into an issue I remember having years ago, but can't seem to figure out the solution now.

After logging in and choosing the realm, I can select a character, go to options, or even successfully create a new character. Once choosing the character to play, I will eventually receive the error "You were unable to connect."

Checked my Firewall and ensured DAoC and Phoenix is not being blocked.

Ensured Anti-Virus is not affecting the connection, or targeting files.

I remember there were certain files you could delete from the DAoC folder which held cached character info, updates, and patches which on private servers would require manual deletion sometimes. However, I do not remember which they were.

Finally, I have updated to live 1.128a. I did notice there were issues in June 2023 about this update not working. Is this still the case?

Thank you for your help.

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17 Sep 2023 Kingofkows created this issue
Sun 17 Sep 2023 2:50 PM by Beckett

Try setting the exclusion in your AV software to a process not a file, game.dll. Easy way to check if it is AV causing the problem is to disable your AV briefly.

Character config files are stored in C:\users<username>\Appdata\roaming\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\ LotM

However if you are creating new characters(no matching name) then the config files are not likely to be the problem. You may also have a custom UI running and it may be causing problems. Set the UI to atlantis in game options.

There is no current issue with 1.128a as far as I am aware.

Sun 17 Sep 2023 3:59 PM by Kingofkows

Came to try again.

Turned off AV for testing - issue still persisted

Looked in LotM, turned out a bunch of characters with same names from the last season I played. - Deleted those - issue persisted

Went into options and verified UI is on Atlantis. - issue persisted

Tried changing to custom, then switching back to Atlantis.- issue persisted.

Going to try and redo the installation, may take a day or so due to slow speed here.

Sun 17 Sep 2023 6:13 PM by Kingofkows

Installed faster than I expected.

Retried the above items, also temporarily changed the property of the phoenix.exe to always use Admin Priv when trying again.

Not sure what to try next.

Probably is something halting one of the processes, or connection is timing out. Just not sure what additional connection/process might be running separately from the character selection and in the actually game.

Sun 17 Sep 2023 8:28 PM by Beckett

See your DM on discord from myself. It is easier to troubleshoot there.

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