Keep "Under Siege" status lifting quickly despite players still in the area and attacking guards.

Started 4 Sep 2023
by Endoria
in New Issues

The inner gate at Cear Berkstead was repaired despite the keep never leaving "Under Siege" status. It was displayed with flames on the war map constantly (Updating RW map frequently to make sure it did not leave siege status), no siege rewards were granted to players who participated in the fight, yet the inner gate could be repaired despite the siege status.

I taunted guards on range to make sure the keep could not leave the under siege status either, to prevent repairs.

Yet, the inner gate was back to 20% because repairs could be made. Seems like the "under siege" flag is bugged or runs out very quickly under certain conditions.

Issue Timeline

4 Sep 2023 Endoria created this issue
Mon 4 Sep 2023 1:53 PM by Endoria

I suspect the siege timer disappeared because the players who caused it all logged to different characters and the responsible characters leaving the game somehow allows the timer to disappear without the requisite time running out.

Me taunting an archer with Friar then was late because the timer already reset, allowing for repairs.

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