I believe the game client has updated

Started 7 Dec 2023
by jackatom74
in New Issues

From what I read in the forums previously, And if My issue is the same, the live client has updated and Dev involvement will be needed to remedy. I will check back at a later date.

Appreciate all you do and understand that there are most definitely higher priorities.

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7 Dec 2023 jackatom74 created this issue
Wed 24 Jan 2024 9:47 PM by Xancor

I can no longer play the game myself. I reinstalled DAoC multiple times and followed the steps to play Phoenix multiple times. Every time I hit play now it says it is updating then says "unknown version" I was able to play with no problems before.

Wed 24 Jan 2024 10:37 PM by Beckett

The game.dll that is installed from live is not compatible with phoenix. You will need to replace the dll with version 1.127e. At some point the phoenix.exe will be updated to work with the live version.

29 days ago by Orlanth

Where can i find the game.dll download?

29 days ago by Xancor

I don't think there is a way to download 1.127e specifically. It automatically patches to the newest version of live server. So, until it is updated for Phoenix or unless you already had that version and didn't update, there is no way to play now.

29 days ago by Beckett

Perhaps a friend can send it

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