Guards of different Realms will respond to BAF-yells

Started 5 Jun 2023
by tama
in New Issues

I was fighting midgard guards as alb at Caer Sursbroke Guardtower. When the guard yelled for help all the hibernian guards in front of Sursbroke got aggro and ran on me :> Hibernian Keep-Guards should ignore help yells from Midgard Tower Guards

Issue Timeline

5 Jun 2023 tama created this issue
Mon 5 Jun 2023 8:20 PM by Lundarian

Noticed mobs such as Brown Drakes or Tylwyth Tegs also respond if they are close enough for the call for help from an enemy guard.

Tue 20 Jun 2023 2:33 PM by Catkain

I respond if a certain beautiful heroinne yells for help too ❤️

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