No Phoenix Eggs despite soloing.

Started 8 Apr 2023
by Uthred
in Closed Issues

As the title says I have not been receiving any Phoenix Eggs despite not being in a group.

I have no idea when exactly this behavior started and what might have caused it. I simply stopped getting them, possibly after I returned from an LD.

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8 Apr 2023 Uthred created this issue
8 Apr 2023 gruenesschaf changed the status of this issue from New Issues to Closed Issues
Sat 8 Apr 2023 7:42 PM by gruenesschaf

There are no known issues with eggs not dropping. Most likely reason when it suddenly starts is that you reached the hourly cap. Please reply here if you can reproduce it reliably and it persists after an hour change (reset is every hour on the dot).

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