Critical Strike stealth opener cap damage underperforms

Started 10 Apr 2023
by Endoria
in Closed Issues

None of the stealth opener in the critical strike line gets anywhere close to the damage they should have according to the old values displayed in the charplaner.

I was able to accurately reproduce all damage values for base attack damage and other styles and they match up.

Perforate Artery with 50+14 skill caps at 990 with a 3.9 speed weapon (Damage Modifier: 3000), but should go up to somewhere in the 1500. (13XX style + 200 base)

With the 990 cap I strike cloth armored enemies for just about 490, which seems awfully low. I expect that if the cap damage was as high as I believe it should be according to the charplaner at 15XX I would be dealing maybe 700 damage, which would seem in line with how the style line should perform. (And how it did on Live also)

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10 Apr 2023 Endoria created this issue
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Tue 11 Apr 2023 6:06 PM by Endoria

It has been pointed out to me that the swing speed of the weapon is not used for stealth opener, making the cap damage much lower.

If this is going to stay I would like to see the style line changed to reflect the change away from frontload dmage and added utility of effects for styles to compensate for the loss of damage.

Thu 13 Apr 2023 11:53 AM by gruenesschaf

Stealth opener not using weapon speed is not a custom change but the way stealth opener work: All a slower weapon does for stealth opener is add a higher base damage to the fixed style bonus damage.

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