Getting Started

On Saturday, January 12th, 2019 at 12pm CET (i.e. noon in Berlin, 6am New York, 3am San Francisco and 10pm in Sydney) we will officially launch.

Before you log in

Please read our rules. Our rules are there for a reason and we are very strict about them. When you created your account, you checked a box confirming that you have read and accepted our rules. Dual logging is strictly forbidden on Phoenix. It is only allowed to create one account per person. If you want to switch to another realm, you must wait for 12h as our realm timer is 12h. After that time, you will have all three realms available to choose when logging into the char selection again. We also recommend reading about our naming rules carefully.

If you play from the same household (example: husband and wife, father and son etc.) you must play the same realm. If you try to play different realms, it will be considered cross-realming and will be punished according to our rules.

Read the Rules

First steps

After creating a character, you will spawn randomly at one of five possible spawn points per realm. Each realm has four different spawn points in Classic and one in Shrouded Isles. It doesn’t matter what class or race you choose, it is always random. Each spawn point has a porter close by and/or has a horse merchant. All horse routes are for free.

Phoenix doesn’t have base classes (for example Guardian, Rogue, etc). From Level 1 on you will be a Hunter, Necromancer, etc. Therefor you can equip Weapons and Shields from Level 1, but the restrictions for armor didn’t get changed. You can visit a trainer to distribute your skill points or you just simple use „/train“. This command is usable everywhere and will save you a lot of time while doing PvE because you can instantly train after reaching a new Level.

It is not possible to use respecs when using „/train“. Speaking of respecs, changing your skills is free at your trainer from Level 1 to 49. Just use „/respec all“. You will also get one full and two RA respecs for free that can be used at Level 50. At Level 5 you will get your free Realmrank 1L1 and your first realmpoint. Don’t forget to use it.

ROGs, OTDs and Items

Your trainer doesn’t hand out any armor. Mobs between Level 6 and 55 don’t drop their regular items and we don’t have any OTDs on Phoenix implemented. No worry, you will not miss that. Our mobs are very drop-friendly and you will easily get all the equipment that you need to become a great hero of your realm. Instead of that rusty Sword-drop having 85% qual and +3 Strength on it, you will get ROGs (=Random Object Generator) from our mobs. Those Rogs have a range of 96% to 100% quality and each of them has a proc on it which can be one of 3 different DDs, a lifedrain or a heal one. All staffs with casting stats will always have the Level 50 all focus on them.

All ROGs have useful stats on them, no more +4 large weapon & + 4 charisma on an item. When a ROG is dropping it has a 50% chance that it is useful for one class within the group that killed the mob and a 50% chance that it is useful for any other class in your realm. You can use it either for a twink or sell it via the housing.

To avoid having naked players running around everywhere, there is an increased chance for a ROG to drop for the first 15 Levels. That will probably lead to full bags very fast. To empty those bags even faster, we created the „/moveitem sell“ command. It does sell the content of one of your bags at once. That can be very helpful but you always take care that you don’t have the ring from your local dragon between all the trashloot that you want to sell. The command is: „/moveitem sell #bag1“ for the first bag of your backpack, „/moveitem sell #bag2“ (second bag), „/moveitem sell #bag3“ (third bag)„/moveitem sell #bag4“ (fourth bag), and „/moveitem sell #bag5“ (fifth bag). There are even more varies for this command, check our list of custom commands.

XP Rates & Bonuses

Our goal is that casual players need about 48h played to hit Level 50.

We reworked the XP message to make it easier to understand. It shows very detailed what bonuses you get for killing a mob. All bonuses are based on the „XP Base“. The closer you are to the cap of your base XP, the better your bonus XP will be.

XP Group Bonus: If mobs BAF (bring a friend) you will get 20% per mob extra bonus.

XP Camp Bonus: It is always 20% except in dungeons where the camp bonus is doubled (40%).

XP Frontier Bonus: 30%, when you are in the frontiers, in a battleground or in a RvR-Dungeon.

XP Realm tasks Bonus: it is granted from completed reamlwide PvE tasks (see next section).

XP RvR Score Bonus: The more keeps your realm owns and the more players your realm kills, the better the RvR Score and the higher this bonus will be.

XP Underpopulation Bonus: If your realm is underpopulated compared to the other realms, you will get this bonus.

XP Social Bonus: Every different class in your group is a 5% bonus. Example: 1 druid, 1 bard, 1 hero, 1 ns, 2 bms = 25% extra bonus for 5 different classes in that group.

XP Relic Bonus: If your realm captured enemy relics, you will get a bonus.

PvE Tasks

We removed the classic „whisper“-tasks and therefore put in realmwide and personal PvE tasks. Those tasks count which and where you killed the different types of mobs. You will get and complete them automatically. Your reward will be XP and coins. After one task is finished, you will automatically start a new one where you have to kill some more mobs than the task before. Mobs only grant credit to a task if they have the following con to you or to the highest player in a group:

Level 1 to 19 = blue
from Level 20 to 50 = yellow

Level 1 to 19 = yellow
from Level 20 to 50 = orange

Group of 3 to 5:
Level 1- 50 = orange

Group of 6 to 8
Level 1 to 19 = orange
from Level 20 to 50 = red

Realmwide tasks are tasks, where every kill of a mob grants credit to the task. After a realmwide tasks is completed, the realm will have 5% bonus XP for 24h on that mob type. In addition, it will give a permanent, infinite 1% bonus on that mob type every time it is finished. Personal PvE tasks reset daily, while realmwide tasks dont. Personal tasks count every mob that you helped killing.

There are commands to see the tasks. „/task realm“ shows all realmwide tasks and „/task personal“ shows your personal tasks. If you just type „/task“ you see only the active tasks that you are currently working on. One mob may count for multiple tasks. For example if you kill one plated fiend in DF it will grant credit for three different tasks. DF will be open to all realms for the four weeks after launch.

Collection Tasks

Some mobs drop XP items. These items can be given to an npc and you will get XP and some coins per item. You can hand in up to 10 items per level. If you click the info-button of an item it will tell you the name of the NPC and the allowed levels to hand the item in. XP items are tradable and check our forum for lists where to find them. Even some UIs have their locations implemented.

Phoenix Eggs:

If you are solo when killing a mob you will receive Phoenix Eggs. They are not tradable and you need to head to your trainer and turn them in to get a small amount of extra XP.

Challenge Mode:

If you think your group is doing well and the hordes of mobs you are killing are way too easy, try „/challenge“. It toggles the challenge mode which can only be enabled if you are grouped. It works on monsters Level 10+ and they have to be at least orange to the highest player in the group. In challenge mode CC duration is reduced, mobs are stronger, mobs are faster, and have a chance to critical hit you. As reward you will receive better and more drops and your XP cap is increased and the XP penalty per groupmember is reduced: you will get better XP.


There are three different battlegrounds on Phoenix.

Thidranki: Level 20 to 24

Abermenai: Level 25 to 29

Caledonia: Level 30 to 34

There is the same XP bonus like in the frontiers and if you die, you will release to your porterkeep in the battleground. You can port to a battleground from any teleporter by clicking battleground.


High level pve content, basically all named mobs that give feathers and a few other mobs, will have huge hp pools and act as if they are level 50 for spell resists, melee misses and melee damage taken as well as spell damage taken. Attacker count mechanic doesnt have any effect. Mobs no longer have puny amounts of hp and take 1 - 10 damage but have huge hp pools and take normal damage.
That would mean caster deal lots of damage, melees deal lots of damage and hence the HP of the mobs will be set accordingly.
We changed that to remove the attacker count mechanic and the trivialization via petspam. It also makes caster useful and makes group size affect the time required linearly (for example: every 200dps person you add reduce the time taken by 200dps). Petspam classes are still useful for raids as their pets will do reasonable damage to the mob, but our system will offer more and different options of killing a mob.

Phoenix Feathers:

Phoenix Feathers are a custom currency that we implemented to give everyone the possibility to get the endgame gear. It drops in addition to the regular loot of high end bosses and can be used to buy the loot of special feather merchant which you will find in your capital city. Phoenix Feathers can only be traded via your account vault and not to other players. To buy an item from such a merchant you need to have to kill the boss once. This will count for all of your twinks. Example: Warrior Alrik killed the dragon. Now his twink, the healer Healmasterofdoom can also buy any dragondrop of the merchant.

Feathers will drop only from high level bosses in special zones. Trashmobs in the epic dungeons (Galladoria, Caer Sidi and Tuscaran Glacier) and trashmobs in DF that are Level 56+ will also drop a small amount of feathers. You will find a list of all mobs dropping feathers on our forum or the wiki.

The amount of feathers that drop per mob depends on his difficulty. Every feather-dropping mob has a fixed- and a pool amount of feathers.

RvR Tasks:

Similiar to the PvE tasks there are realmwide and personal RvR tasks. You will see them also when using „/task realm“ or „/task personal“. The RvR realmwide tasks are divided into short-term, middle-term (not implemented yet) and long-term tasks. While short-term tasks only grant a reward when you actively help completing them (in this example killing players in emain), middle-term and long-term tasks will give a 24h bonus to rps to everyone in the realm when a task was finished. The rewards of the short-term tasks are very high when you are RR 1 and get less the higher your RR is. Those will help new players to catch up with players which are already RR5+. Don’t be afraid to go out into the FZ when being only RR 1 or 2, you will easily become RR 5. Short-term tasks are switching zones to not only focus on Emain/Hibernia.

Last but not least there are personal RvR task which give also rps, xp, etc as reward. Those personal tasks are resetted daily. We don’t have any special BG tasks as the personal and realmwide tasks work there too.

Realm Abilities:

On Phoenix we have the current New New Frontier RAs implemented with some custom changes. We dont have NNF Charge and we don’t have any RR5 abilities. Some other minor changes were done to single RAs. We recommend to have a look at our Phoenix Charplaner:

The highest possible realmrank on Phoenix is RR 14.

Class Changes:

We have implemented several class changes to the available classes to balance the realms and to have more viable classes for RvR. Have a look at our class changes to get an overview about the many, many changes we did.

Relic System:

Only the “home-relics” will be stored in the relic keeps. Any relic that your realm captures from an enemy realm has to be put down in a regular keep in your realm which your realm owns. The keep doesn’t need to be claimed, but we strongly advice you to do so.

You can’t put the relic in one of the following keeps: Dun Crimthainn, Nottmoor Faste and Caer Erasleigh. It is only possible to put down one relic per keep. If one realm has all six relics, then you need 4 regular keeps to store the 4 enemy relics. As soon as a relic has been put down in a keep, you will see this when using /relic.

Relic Bonus & Charging:

Relics will be charging up their bonuses over 10 days. Picking up a relic will reset the bonus, so even if your relic attack fails but you manage to pick it up you will have damaged your enemy / reset their bonus. When fully charged (after 10 days), relics will have the following bonuses: 5% Melee Dmg Bonus or 5% Cast Dmg Bonus / 5% Heal Bonus, 10% Craftspeed Bonus and 10% Feather Drop Bonus.

Keep Upgrades & Caravans:

If you claim a keep it will upgrade automatically and it doesn’t cost any guild bounty points. It will only upgrade to Level 4. After that it needs caravans to reach the keep and to deliver supply goods to the Outpost. Each caravan has 2 guards to protect it. Caravans are neutral to enemy players. IF you kill a caravan you will get some bounty points, XP and coins and you will stop the keep from further Upgrading. Caravans also drop Phoenix Claws. These can be used to buy timed buffs for XP, Rps and also Stealth Lore Potions. If the keep already has reached the max Level it will start downgrading if multiple caravans didn’t reach it and killing caravans will also damage keep gates for an amount.

Caravans start either from the homeland border keeps or from the teleporterkeeps if an enemy realm has claimed keeps. Example for Hibernia: Caravans for Hibkeeps start from Druim Ligen and Druim Cain. If Midgard has keeps claimed in Hibernia, then caravans for those keeps start from the MTK, if Albion has claimed keeps in Hibernia, caravans start from the ATK.


All classes can learn all professions. The primary profession only determines the available title, all professions can be trained and the primary profession can be changed without losing anything. We added some custom recipes for alchemy and changed some ingredients in some recipes. You will need Phoenix Tear and Phoenix Ash for some recipes. Those drop from 56+ mobs in DF or you can buy them from the <Bits and Pieces> Merchant for feathers. When Scing, gem quality doesn’t matter. You can blow up if your skill is below 1000. If you blow up you will only lose the gems, but not the item.

The craft time for the primary professions will no longer depend on the ingredient amount or material level, instead it will be based on the skill alone. There are multiple ways to reduce craftime. There is a reduction when crafting in a capital city and the higher your realms RvR Score is, the higher the craftime reduction will be. Owning enemy relics will also give you a reduction. There is also a quest series starting at the Master Craftsman in your capital city which will give a complete set of armor that has 50% craftspeed, +75 Str and some Level of Lifter.

To make crafting less annoying we implemented the „/craftqueue“ command.

/craftqueue <times> (will repeat the next started recipe until it succeeded <times> times or you no longer have enough materials.)
/craftqueue <quality>% (will repeat the next started recipe until the result has the quality or you no longer have enough materials.)
/craftqueue buy (upto) <n> (this command will buy enough materials of the selected merchant for <n> attempts of the last started recipe)


If you need any assistance, use /appeal and it will show you all different options. You can also try to contact a gamemaster via Discord. Please keep in mind that in either both ways it may take some time.