Reactive DoT on armor ignored by archery

Started 3 Jun 2021
by easytoremember
in Open Issues

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easytoremember created this issue Thu 3 Jun 2021 12:58 PM
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Thu 3 Jun 2021 12:58 PM by easytoremember
Bow shots from archers are not causing reactive DoTs to proc. Possibly the same for shields.
Thu 3 Jun 2021 1:26 PM by Sepplord
IIRR the proccs have a range, and archers usually shoot you from out of range
Thu 3 Jun 2021 4:03 PM by Saroi
Yeah what Sepp wrote.

Dots have a range of 300, normal DD are by 1500. So if you want something for interrupt you would have to go normal DD.
Yarna is not nice
Thu 3 Jun 2021 10:03 PM by easytoremember
It did not proc on point blank shots either (melee range) if that is supposed to be taking the range into account. I had the impression that the range delve was something lingering from the charge version with no actual meaning. The weapon proc version too delves for 300 range but has no such limitation on it on bows or crossbows. Feather bow procs also show nonsensical range delves that clearly do not impact the spells.

The same goes for reactive DD procs delving with 1500 range but proccing against archers at 2000.
Tue 22 Jun 2021 8:38 PM by easytoremember
I got hit by reactive shield DoT when the shot was blocked and was well outside 300 range

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