This Link will Take you to Imgur for photos of In game items on Phoenix that Are currently Missing Procs And Or charges. dropped in DF from The Diamond Level Mobs/bosses. The list is incomplete because I do not have all the items to check. But it is a start.
With Comparisons ( in photos) of Reference. Please msg me on Discord if you need Direct Image files. @allinthehips In the Phoenix Discord.

Items included in this list:
Adremels flawless Daemon Fire Spear
Balns Flawless Black Diamond Rapier
Brilliant Daemon Fire-forged Bow (Hib)
Brilliant hammer of the soulshade
Brilliant Oro's Sleeves of Balefire (Hib)
Flawless Belt of Barbed Scales
Flawless Twisted Dark Jeweled Scepter
Gatekeeper Bracer of bedlam
Saeor's Flawless Searing Scythe
Searing Demon Belt
Searing Demon Neck
Searing Fiend Gem (Hib)
Shimmering Flawless Hammer of The Soulshade
Shimmering Oros Stilleto of night
Shimmering Saeor's Flawless Sleeves of the Balefire (Hib)
Sulphurous Demon Cloak
Sulphurous Fiend Belt
Sulphurous Fiend Gem