Hero: Stag does not disappear after death

Started 22 Jul 2021
by Nephamael
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Nephamael created this issue Thu 22 Jul 2021 4:16 PM
Thu 22 Jul 2021 4:16 PM by Nephamael
If Hero dies during stag the stag model does not disappear after /rel.

This issue can only be resolved by porting to another zone.

Right now it is not a big problem for frontier RvR, but in arena you can't get rid of the stag model, without having to redo your qbinds, so i would appreciate if you fix it.

Best Regards
Xpovoc, Jukaron, Nephamael, Mauril, Lareya, Aideen, Njoro
Thu 22 Jul 2021 5:16 PM by Kurbsen
legit the best bug in daoc tho being morphed into perma moose lol
Itachi - Bard
Thu 22 Jul 2021 5:27 PM by ExcretusMaximus
Why would you want to get rid of the best model in gaming?
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Thu 22 Jul 2021 10:15 PM by Astaa

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