ROG will not upgrade

Started 4 May 2021
by John_Locke
in Needs Feedback

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John_Locke created this issue Tue 4 May 2021 5:07 PM
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Tue 4 May 2021 5:07 PM by John_Locke
Necklace has +1 acuity, and I want to increase by 1.

Trying to use perfect gem, dust, and ash but the normal prompt with needed quantities does not generate.

Message saying that you can only increase the value of the stat/resist up to the value of the spell crafted gem appears.
Tue 4 May 2021 7:05 PM by gotwqqd
You are placing items in wrong order when crafting
Wed 5 May 2021 1:40 PM by gotwqqd
Are you sure you are not crafting the perfect gem?

Perfect gem is not 100% quality
It is the most expensive gem....RA gem can be any quality

Regardless of the increase of stat it’s always the most expensive gem you need to buy

So +28 stat or +17resist
Wed 5 May 2021 2:42 PM by John_Locke
Yes, and I have had other successful upgrades.

I am thinking there is an issue because the ROG has acuity as the stat I want to raise. I have tried piety, intl, char and empth perfect gems and none of them are accepted for upgade.
Wed 5 May 2021 3:07 PM by Uthred
Is it a Level 50/51 Rog?

If so, please post a screen of the Rog and a screen of the gem(s) you were using for the upgrade. Please use something like snipping tool, so that the screen only shows the relevant things.
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