Valewalker: Styleprocs should have chance for crits since thats how it worked until 1.70 patch (release of NEW ra + new frontier)

Started 31 May 2020
by Failwalker
in Needs Feedback

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Failwalker created this issue Sun 31 May 2020 6:12 PM
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Sun 31 May 2020 6:12 PM by Failwalker
Valewalker are considered clothwearing caster so they have /had same 10% critchance like all fulltier caster in the game.
During 1.62-1.70 era that 10% critchance was also working for their styleprocs. Blizzard blade and conflag.
And during old ra they were able to skill "Wild power" to increase chance even more.

I heard this got removed/changed all along because some people thought its the same for reavers.
NO! Reaver neither could spec wild power with old ra, nor they are ever been considered fulltier casters!
This was unique to VW.

Prove from 2003, some lvl 40+ VW killing mobs in SI zone (near tur suil i believe)

Blizzardproc did crit-dmg on that mob.

I know people QQ about blizzard proc already. Maybe give crit-chance only in pve and against mobs in rvr. Something that helps to deal with fully buffed red minstpets or necpets

Mon 1 Jun 2020 4:05 AM by Failwalker
Another source for 1.62 ish valewalker guide

Side chain does great damage. The opener causes a 4 sec stun and the last procs a 198 AoE DD. At LvL 40 this is about 250-350 damage on an even con and that does not include your weapon damage crits or other weapon procs. In the 3 style chain I have done between 800-1300 damage on an even con, and 600-800 damage on purple Abysmals in the Mines (between 39-40th LvL). Just keep in mind that is the total through all three styles. Miss rate on Purple and some red cons can make this style hard to get of consistently in PvE.

One other thing to mention is that you can Crit on your weapon as well as the effect of the Blizzard style, add that to a weapon that can proc (I have seen this happen a handful of times) the damage you can do in a single hit can potentially reach 700-800 on a yellow or orange con!!"

Sun 7 Jun 2020 5:12 AM by Failwalker

"Objects can no longer do critical hits from procs or reverse procs."

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