Necro loses pet in shallow water because 'too far away'

Started 1 Jun 2020
by amnvex
in Needs Feedback

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amnvex created this issue Mon 1 Jun 2020 11:38 AM
gruenesschaf reviewed this issue Thu 13 Aug 2020 7:04 PM
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Mon 1 Jun 2020 11:38 AM by amnvex
This must be a bug because the pet was 300-400 units away at most (under water) and I was on top of it when it dropped it b/c of distance messages.

Was in Llyn Barfog, near the shore and was doing Z and space bar to go up and down in water. Pet stayed above me. After dipping in and out of water several times (surface, then back under 300-400 units, 2-3-4x repeatedly), it was saying the pet was too far away and then the pet was dropped.

Doesn't seem right.
Sat 15 May 2021 7:51 PM by Nalfgarlodbrok
Seem to be a Z achses bug created by a LOS issue of Pet, like pet follow you but at given time it cant see you anymore and continue the direction you swim to (up/down) but not really moving visually

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